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zinc oxide

name:zinc oxide
details :

1.chemical formula: zno

2.molecular weight: 81.38

3.cas no.: 1314-13-2

4.hs code: 28170010

5.un no.: 3077 class 9



zinc supplements for animal nutrition needs, is part of many enzymes, proteins, rna, etc. 

plays an important role in the protein biosynthesis and use. zinc not only participate in dna, rna and protein, 

carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, and is associated with insulin, prostaglandins. 

at the same time have interaction relationship with vitamins and trace elements, 

and copper in animals have antagonism effect, too much calcium can hinder the absorption and utilization of zinc.


25kg, 1000kg, 1200kg, woven bag with plastic lining, or according to the requirements of customers.

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