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copper oxychloride

name:copper oxychloride
details :

1.chemical formula: cucl2·3cu(oh)2·xh2o, x=1/2,1,2 )

2.molecular weight: 427.11

3.cas no.: 1332-65-6

4.hs code: 28274100



raw materials for other copper salts.

used for feed additives: copper as a kind of important trace elements, can promote growth, improve feed utilization rate. copper oxychloride have more advantages than copper sulfate in feed applications:
higher copper content, reduce the transportation and storage costs, reduce the added cost.
insoluble in water, no moisture absorption, reduce the damage to the feed nutrient, improve feed quality.
improve feed conversion rate, good antibacterial effect, effectively improve animal disease resistance.
reduce copper content in the feces and soluble copper content, is conducive to protect the environment.

agricultural fungicide. raw material for wood preservative.
used as pharmaceutical intermediates.
used as absorbent of carbon dioxide in the air.


25kg/bag, woven bag with plastic lining, palletized or not.

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