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      at zhucheng kangtai chemical co., ltd., we are a chemical material manufacturer who has been in the industry for 15 years. we specialize in providing high-quality trace minerals and industrial chemicals for a variety of industries. kangtai is located in zhucheng city, shandong province, just 1 hour drive away from the port of qingdao.

       our product catalogue covers a comprehensive line of sulfates, copper salts, and trace element additives, which are primarily used in animal feed, agricultural fertilizer, pesticide, wastewater treatment, flotation reagent, and catalyst industries.

       kangtai is committed to offering clients the most comprehensive solutions for what they need. we pride ourselves in our ability to add value and create synergies for our customers. here's how we go about it. at kangtai, we understand industries involving chemical use are complicated, and aren't as simple as putting pieces of a product together and shipping it out. ....

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