five reasons for the insolubility of zinc

date:2022-08-23 10:10:28


many people find that zinc sulfate is insoluble when using it. in fact, this is very normal and generally does not affect the effectiveness of zinc sulfate use. however, we still need to avoid this situation. today, let's learn about the reasons for the insolubility of zinc sulfate.

when the solution density is too high and the solubility decreases, it will affect the dissolution of zinc sulfate. originally, zinc sulfate is soluble in water, but if the solution density is high, it will be difficult for zinc sulfate to dissolve. in such cases, we need to use water to dilute and increase the solubility. do not mix alkaline solutions. mixing alkaline solutions will react chemically with zinc sulfate and produce white precipitates, which are also insoluble in water. therefore, it is strictly prohibited to mix alkaline solutions together.

the purity of zinc sulfate is not high, and the presence of impurities may be due to the purchase of counterfeit goods, resulting in insoluble situations. when purchasing zinc sulfate, we need to carefully inspect the raw materials to prevent the purchase of fake zinc sulfate. moreover, we should try our best not to mix with trace elements, as this can easily lead to precipitation.

if the temperature is too cold, it is also very easy to affect the solubility of zinc sulfate. the lower the temperature, the lower the solubility will decrease, so it will not completely dissolve or there will be crystal precipitation. from the above, we can see that there are many cases of insoluble zinc sulfate, and we should try our best to avoid the generation of useless precipitates when using it.