characteristics of basic copper

date:2023-12-14 14:45:20


1. belonging to mineral sources, inorganic copper, protective, low toxicity fungicides, effective against fungal and bacterial diseases, it is an ideal replacement product for traditional bordeaux liquid.

2. suspension agents have adhesive properties and can firmly adhere to the surface of plants after spraying, forming a protective film. its active ingredients gradually release free copper ions under the action of water and air. copper ions combine with various genes in the protein of the pathogen, causing protein denaturation, controlling spore germination and hyphal development, and ultimately leading to bacterial death.

3. good dispersibility and resistance to rainwater erosion.

compared with the bordeaux solution prepared by oneself, the basic copper sulfate solution has fine particles, is easy to use, has good safety, and there is no obvious drug spot pollution on the plant surface after spraying, but the shelf life is shorter.